martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Fairy Tale No More

I was made to believe life is not a fairytale.
Years went by that I disagreed.
I fought it to my very soul,
This is not an absolution.

I stand before you broken and used,
like the very puppet you have thrown away last year.
Hoping to get a new one for Christmas.

My happy ending is over,
Surpassed by the undeniable truth.
No longer shall I believe in child stories,
There is no Cinderella in my book.

I fear becoming nothing,
To lay on deaths bed.
Without a hand to hold because I have kept my pain secret.
I reach for nothing.

My lovers tale is nothing but a nightmare,
My heart beats so slow.
Darkness shoots through me,
Like an arrow in air.

In the end I lived a life fabricated by society.
Fabricated by mistrust and fake love.
Perhaps in the end.
I was a real boy trying to be Pinocchio.

Miss You So much